Our GPAQ Analysis and Reporting Service

For several years we have offered an analysis and reporting service for all versions of GPAQ.


We offer a low cost, fast, service for GPAQ V3, producing detailed and summary reports in a format suitable for uploading to your practice website.


We are flexible, can analyse additional survey questions your practice may wish to include, and we can produce any indivdual reports needed.


You can either send us the completed spreadsheet, or we can arrange data entry if you wish.


We welcome enquiries, and would be pleased to work with you to produce your survey report(s).


We are a licenced provider of analysis and reporting services for the GPAQ, the General Practice Assessment Questionnaire .


GPAQ V3 encompasses Directed Enhanced Service (DES) for Patient Participation through local surveys.


In its usual short four side format, GPAQ continues to ask about receptionists, appointments, opening times, communication with doctors and nurses, continuity of care and enablement. There is just one version which can be used either in surgery or as a postal questionnaire.


Individual practices may download and use the questionnaire for their surveys adapting it if required, provided that

  • the copyright statement "“Based on GPAQ V3 © 2011 which is reproduced with the kind permission of the University of Manchester & University of Cambridge. GPAQ incorporates the Primary Care Assessment Survey (PCAS); with permission from Dr Dana Gelb Safran creator of PCAS”. is included

  • and the GPAQ questionnaire is not used for commercial services other than those for which it is licensed.


For the GPAQ questionnaire(s) themselves, and more information about GPAQ V3, please visit the GPAQ website.


We continue offer this service for GPAQ V2, if required.

News /Revalidation

For 2013, GPAQ will fulfill your
practice and revalidation requirements for patient surveys in one exercise.


We offer analysis and reporting for all patient and revalidation surveys.


Free Downloads

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Sample Reports

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