Parish Plan Surveys

GPAQ-R2 QuestionnaireParish Plans, setting out their proposals for the future, are formulated from an appraisal of the present, and an assessment of which parts of the wish list for the future are achievable and affordable.


A survey of households and businesses often forms part of the process.


From our vast experience with GP patient surveys, and experience from being drafted in part way through a local parish survey, we wish to make your lives easier by offering free a simple formula for questionnaire layout, with a free spreadsheet for data entry which work well, and minimise difficulty and errors in data entry.

Planning your Survey

Decide what you would like to know from the people in your parish, and design questions to give those answers.


Arrange for the questionnaires to be printed (black and white is fine) and distributed, with a covering letter explaining the purpose, giving a deadline, together with a SAE for returning the questionnaire to eg your parish clerk.


Once the deadline has passed, the results need to be aggregated in to a report. It is a good idea to decide at the outset how this will be done, how the report will be prepared, and how this fits the budget.


From the results in your report, you can prepare your Parish Plan.


You will need familiarity with Microsoft Office WORD and EXCEL to adapt these files for your survey.

Data Entry

You may find it helpful for the information returned in your survey to be entered into a spreadsheet for analysis.


If you do this locally, ensure that someone numerate is entering the data, and a second person checks it (standard practice).

Need Help?

Data Entry: if you don't have anyone with the time to enter your data free of charge, we can do this for you.


Reports: similarly, if you decide you would like an independent report, we can prepare this for you.


In either case, we shall need to see a copy of your questionnaire to give you a price.


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